W O R L D   P E A C E   F L A G

Their World Peace Flag was created on September 12th, the day after the twin towers fell, anticipating the drums of war…It has circulated globally, and debuted at the World Peace Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

The colored cooperative stripes of the World Peace Flag represent all races and cultures, as well as all of Earths other children; Her exquisitely diverse plant and animal kingdoms, pure air, crystalline streams, fertile soil, microbes, mountains, insects, deserts, rainforests, ice-capped poles, boundless oceans teeming with life...and CHOCOLATE!  These 13 brilliant stripes also match the exact number of full moons in a year… not 12 but 13!  In the upper left, the Golden Quadrant stands for our own star, the Sun, surrounding our abundant World, filled with plenty for everyone!


World Peace Flag Peace Button
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